Conferences and Journals

Privacy by Design Identity Architecture Using Agents and Digital Identities, Kalman C. Toth, Ann Cavoukian and Alan Anderson-Priddy, to be published by Springer, October 2020.

Privacy by Design Identity Architecture: Verifiably Owner-Controlled Identity using Agents, Kalman C. Toth, Ann Cavoukian and Alan Anderson-Priddy, IdentityNORTH Virtual Annual Summit, June 2020, accompanying video.

Privacy by Design Architecture Composed of Identity Agents Decentralizing Control over Digital Identity, Kalman C. Toth, Ann Cavoukian and Alan Anderson-Priddy, as published in proceedings.

Self-Sovereign Digital Identity: A Paradigm Shift for Identity, Kalman C. Toth and Alan Anderson-Priddy, comments by Ann Cavoukian.

Privacy by Design using Agents and Sovereign Identities, Kalman C. Toth and Alan Anderson-Priddy.

Architecture for Self-Sovereign Digital Identity, Kalman C. Toth and Alan Anderson-Priddy.

Brewing Next Generation Identity, Kalman C. Toth.


US Patents

Electronic Identity and Credentialing System, May 9, 2017.

An electronic credentialing system that enables personal devices to interoperate where each device has an installed identity engine [identity agent] that acquires, holds, issues and uses electronic identities.

Methods for Using Digital Seals for Non-Repudiation of Attestations, Feb. 20, 2018.

Enables a person having a personal device and electronic identities to create a digital seal that affixes the owner’s identity and attestation to an electronic artifact such as a transaction, document or identity.

Systems and Methods for Registering and Acquiring E-Credentials using Proof of Existence and Digital Seals, Nov. 13, 2018.

Combining the digital sealing method with a proof-of-existence method, digital identities can be registered which relying parties can verify to ensure they were registered by the owner or an attesting owner.

Architecture & Methods for Self-Sovereign Digital Identity, Aug 25, 2020.

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted and published this patent specifying methods for verifying, validating and exchanging self-sovereign identities and using them to delegate consent to access private data.

Methods for Identity-Proofing, Attestation and Replacing Passwords with Digital Identities, submitted Aug. 25,2020.

Specifies methods for proofing and attesting digital identities and using digital identities to authenticate a web user when accessing web services.