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Electronic Identity and Credentialing System (May 9/17)

An electronic credentialing system that enables personal devices to interoperate where each device has an installed identity engine [identity agent] that acquires, holds, issues and uses electronic identities.

Methods for Using Digital Seals for Non-Repudiation of Attestations (Feb 20/18)

Enables a person having a personal device and electronic identities to create a digital seal that affixes the owner’s identity and attestation to an electronic artifact such as a transaction, document or identity.

Systems and Methods for Registering and Acquiring E-Credentials using Proof of Existence and Digital Seals (Nov 13/18)

Combining the digital sealing method with a proof-of-existence method, digital identities can be registered which relying parties can verify to ensure they were registered by the owner or an attesting owner.

Architecture and Methods for Self-Sovereign Digital Identity (Aug 25/20)

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted and published this patent specifying methods for verifying, validating and exchanging self-sovereign identities and using them to delegate consent to access private data.

Methods for Identity-Proofing, Attestation and Replacing Passwords with Digital Identities (submitted Aug 25/20)

Recently submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office, this patent-pending application specifies methods for proofing and attesting digital identities, and using digital identities to authenticate a web user, the owner, when accessing online web services.